, 2019-09-24 11:32:22
The Amarok.

The Amarok.

100 % pickup. 100 % premium.

Uncompromising off-road. Spirited on the asphalt. The new Amarok combines everything that you expect from an exclusive, premium-class all-rounder: a masculine design and robust construction along with plenty of power.

Built for maximum driving pleasure.

Asphalt, earth, gravel. In the new Amarok you will experience the pinnacle of exclusive driving comfort on almost any terrain. It combines high ground clearance with the best body stability along with the proven 4MOTION all-wheel drive. The result: traction in virtually every situation, even with high tensile loads and payloads.

Powerful like no other.

The 132 kW four-cylinder BiTDI engines with 2.0 l capacity have more than enough reserves even in the most demanding situations. Equally unique: the option to combine the gearbox with the permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive.

Most spacious feeling in its class.

The new Amarok’s interior boasts plenty of space and numerous storage options, including storage on the dash panel, spacious compartments under the front seats and four cup holders. Countless extras ensure a comfortable drive and safe journey.

Assistance for maximum driving pleasure.

Safety on almost any terrain: The new Amarok is the only pick-up in its class to come with an Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, 17-inch disc brakes at the front and 16-inch disc brakes in the rear as standard. What’s more, the trailer stabilisation system provides the best possible protection against snaking trailers.

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